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Rock'n Purr 2 Minutes to Midnight

Affectionately known as Harvey, rocking away with Annika


Rock'n Purr Fear of the Dark

Affectionately known as Molly, rocking out in Windhoek with Margie


Rock'n Purr Tell Me Baby & Rock'n Purr Behind the Sun

Affectionately known as Rocket & George, rocking out with Penny and Lauren

Thank you Penny and Lauren for showing the boys so beautifully



Rock'n Purr Dani California

Affectionately known as Hitachi, rocking out with Ksu!



Rock'n Purr The Adventures of Raindance Maggie &

Rock'n Purr The Show Must Go On

Affectionately known as Yoko and Chai, rocking away with Nicola and Duan

Rock'n Purr Heaven for Everyone

Affectionately known as Skye, rocking away with Leonore


Rock'n Purr Somebody to Love

Affectionately known as Eros, rocking it out with Mandy and Arthur


Rock'n Purr Enjoy the Silence

Affectionately known as Willie jnr. rocking it out with Dina, Cobus and Family!

Rock'n Purr Strangelove

Affectionately known as Porsche. Rocking it out with Claudia, Rodger and older brother Steven!

Rock'n Purr Just Can't Get Enough

Affectionately known as Buddy. Joining the band with Rock'n Purr Friday, I'm in Love, Delien and Raffi!

Rock'n Purr Behind the Wheel

Lovingly known as Nala. Joining the band with Rock'n Purr Manic Monday, Sandra and family in lovely Kwazulu-Natal!

Rock'n Purr Eternal Flame

Affectionately known as Victoria. Rocking it out with Kerry and Laura!


Rock'n Purr If She Knew What She Wants

Lovingly known as Bella. Rocking it out in Cape Town with Tara!


Rock'n Purr Manic Monday

Affectionately known as Livvi. Rocking it out with Sandra and family on her very own game farm!


Rock'n Purr Walk Like an Egyptian

Affectionately known as Pookie. Rocking away with Erika!


Rock'n Purr Everything I Wanted

Affectionately known as Cleo. Rocking it out with Cornelia and Karl-Heinz!


Rock'n Purr Don't Stop Me Now of Trés Jolie RW, NQ, WQ

Affectionately known as Pepsi. Rocking it out with Charmaine!

Rock'n Purr Friday I'm in Love

Lovingly  known as Gracie. Rocking it out with Delien and Raffi!

I met Rock'n Purr Friday I'm in Love (who was named Gracie the very next day) in February 2014.

 It was mutual love at first sight and she made it pretty clear who she wanted to spend all of her nine lives with.

 The “adoption” process was special with Lynelle and Gideon sharing all Gracie’s little moments with me.

 I often visited and by the time she was old enough, I couldn’t wait to introduce Gracie to her new older step brother,

 the gorgeous, then four-year-old black and white Persian, Raffi.

On Friday, 2 May 2014, Gracie came home! And on that Friday,

Raffi also fell in love with this bundle of joy, warmth, energy and enthusiasm for everyone and everything that moves.

Having lost my dear Ally cat of almost 14 years that same February, I and Raffi were heartbroken.

However, Gracie came in our lives and to this day is bringing us so much love, fun and sunshine. We are all in love – every day!!

Lynelle and Gideon, thank you for entrusting me with this very special and beautiful girl!

Not only have I gained a stunning furry baby girl but also great and caring friends! – Delien Burger

(Photograph with kind permission by: Jacoline Schoonees)


Rock'n Purr Boys Don't Cry